Audi Q7 4M– Apple Carplay / Android Auto Activation (for MIB2)

Audi Smartphone Interface Activation will enable you to use Apple Carplay and Android Auto in your Audi Q7 4M. This is for cars made after 2015 and that have a MIB2 MMI Headunit. Please contact us and find out if this activation will work for you.
Manufacturer: AUDI
₺3.500,00 excl tax


+9 0537 358 9524

Audi SmartPhone Interface (ASI) Activation with Remote Connection for Audi Q7 4M


  • A laptop with the Windows operating system
  • Internet connection
  • TeamViewer or AnyDesk
  • High quality SD Card (Minimum 16GB)
  • LAN Cable (Ethernet to Ethernet)
  • D-LINK Dub-E100 USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter
  • VCP, VCDS or OBDEleven (We recommend OBDEleven)

Step-by-step actions:

  • You assign MIB version information via Whatsapp
  • Pay if we confirm that your unit supports it
  • After establishing the connections between your car and laptop, send us your TeamViewer or AnyDesk ID.
  • Get your coffee, sit back. Your car is ready in 20 minutes :)

How do I connect Audi Q7 to Apple CarPlay?

  • Get in your Audi Q7 4M and turn on your vehicle.
  • Plug your iPhone into a USB port using a certified charging cable.
  • A screen will appear alerting you a new device has been connected.
  • Select “Connect” on the screen to continue.
  • Select “Allow” on your phone screen.
  • Apple CarPlay will now be connected and apps can be selected through the infotainment screen.

How do I connect Audi Q7 to Android Auto?

  • Download the Android Auto app on your smartphone.
  • Start the Android Auto app on the phone..
  • Get in your Audi Q7 and turn on your vehicle.
  • Plug the phone into the USB port. It is recommended to use the original charging & data cable that came with the phone.
  • Press the APP button on your car's information screen.
  • Select “Android Auto” to begin activation.
  • Select “OK” when the data transfer screen appears to continue.
  • A confirmation message will now appear on your phone screen. Select “Allow” to continue.



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