Travel Assist Coding - Cupra Formentor and Seat Leon KL1/KL8
What is Travel Assist Travel Assist blends the functions of Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist to ensure that your Volkswagen maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and keeps you centered in the lane. This system takes the stress out of tailbacks and stop-and-go traffic.
Volkswagen Golf 7 - Set Indicator Lights as Parking Lights and Daytime Running Lights / VCDS & OBDEleven
Hello friends. In this article, you will learn how to code the Turn Signal Lights as DRL or Parking Lamps in cars produced on the Volkswagen MQB Platform.
Skoda Surround and Virtual Subwoofer Activation
Procedure: byte_11_Sound_System "Sound_System_internal"--->"Sound_System_internal_individual".
E-SYS - All Versions
Hello everyone. I wanted to share the torrent file I received with you. All existing ESYS versions are available. I downloaded and ran a virus scan, no viruses were found. However, you should be cautious after downloading it.
Volkswagen - Seat - Skoda - Audi MIB2 Green Engineering Menu Activation
Green Engineering Menu - grants access to Developer Menu, which provides diagnostic details about functionality and allows to test them.
Anti-Dazzle BMW Headlights Coding for BMW "G" Chassis Cars / Bimmercode & Esys Coding Manual
DIY: Anti-Dazzle BMW Headlights Coding for BMW "G" Chassis Cars Features Ensures the best road visibility without blinding other drivers.
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Coding for Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Audi
Description: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) version High for VW MQB Cars. If you have retrofitted the TPMS sensor for 4 tires, do this coding. Otherwise, the malfunction lamp will turn on.
BMW "G" Series BDC_BODY2 - Codes and Descriptions - CAFD Details
BMW "G" Series BDC_BODY2 - Codes and Descriptions - CAFD Details In this article, we will look at the expansion of the codes in the BDC_BODY2 control unit in BMW G series cars.
E-Sys - Flashing ECU
Disclaimer: All content in this document is to be seen as guidelines. No one but yourself can take responsibility if you break something as a consequence of following this guide. The author can in NO WAY eheld liable or responsible if you mess up something / anything. Remember always to create a backups before starting an endeavour like this!
BMW - Mini HuEntryNav2 Apple CarPlay Activation
Your car should have: HuEntryNav2 ATM Module Wlan Port and Antenna I Step 18.03 and above