Hidden Features - BMW 2 Series Coupe and Convertible (F22-F23)

On this page you will find a list of hidden feature on / off features on / coding options / adaptations for the BMW F22-F23 2 Series. iDrive settings, central locking, headlight and lighting settings, etc.
Manufacturer: BMW
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The process of unlocking hidden features for BMW 2 Series vehicles. Processing time is 30 minutes. You must make an appointment for this procedure. If you come without an appointment, your waiting time may be long. You can make an appointment by texting or calling WhatsApp. BMW F22 - F23 Hidden Feature Unlocking Price is 500 TRY.



  • US Style sidemarker lights (Can be adjusted to work when the fog lights are turned on)
  • Adjusting the mirror signals as side marker lights (Can be adjusted to work when the fog lights are turned on)
  • Adding the rear parking lights to the signal (Maybe not legal)
  • Adding the rear parking lights to the signal and rear canceling the orange signal bulbs from the system (Corvette style rear signal - maybe not legal)
  • Flashing of the fogs when the flashlight is on when the fogs are on
  • Turning on the LEDs on the outer door handle when you engage reverse gear
  • Setting the fog lights as cornering lighting
  • Turning on the front fogs when you put the reverse gear in the darkness
  • Setting the tail lights as daytime running lights
  • Adjusting the brightness of Angel headlights (8%, 10%, 12%, 50%, 100%)
  • Welcome Lights;
  1. Setting fog lights as welcome light
  2. Setting front signals as welcome light
  3. Setting mirror signals as welcome light
  4. Setting dipped beam headlights as welcome light
  5. Setting rear signals as welcome light


  • Digital speedometer on the dashboard
  • M Performance logo in dashboard
  • Remove or reduction of seat belt warning (example: 5 seconds warning and silence)
  • iDrive system M Performance boot animation (in vehicles with NBT or 2014) 7.Month and later vehicles)
  • Front daytime running light on/off menu via iDrive
  • Adding a tire temperature in addition to the tire pressure gauge (in vehicles with NBT or vehicles after 2014 7.Month)
  • Rear view camera zoom mode (Trailer camera)
  • NBT Video in motion
  • Extra video codec packages (MP4, OGG, VCD etc.)
  • Sport indicators (On NBT Displays or vehicles after 7th month 2014)
  • Making BMW i8 sound of seat belt and warning sounds (It is made in vehicles after NBT or 2014 7th month - Rolls-Royce sound can be added in vehicles with NBT)
  • NBT Screen boot animation options: Alpina, M Performance, Rolls Royce Spirit of Extasy, Mini, Connected Drive, Big BMW Logo, Small BMW Logo
  • Using Apple Siri from the Voice Command button on the steering wheel (2014 After 7th Month)
  • Sport indicator Making the color silver as in the M versions


  • Increasing the number of comfort signals to 4 (not in some 2012&2013 vehicles)
  • In vehicles with automatic folding mirrors, folding the mirrors with a single press of the lock button from the key (Normally, they fold when you hold them down for 2 seconds)
  • Continuing to lift the glass that stops when the door is opened
  • Memory air conditioner (Air conditioner remembers the last choice. If you leave it off, it starts off all the time)
  • Auto Start-Stop default off
  • Start-Stop memory (Remembers your last choice. If you leave it off, it starts off all the time)
  • When the driver's door is opened, all lights and multimedia system start off (Normally, it closes when you press the lock button from the key)
  • All windows start to lift as soon as you press the lock button (Normally, it starts to lift after 2.5 seconds)


  • Adding Sport Plus (Sport +) drive mode
  • Starting the vehicle in Eco Pro or Comfort driving mode
  • Sport transmission coding
  • Launch Control coding on vehicles with 2.000 engines and above (1.6 engines (N13B16) and for 2000cc before 2014 7.month Extra cost, Click here for price... )
  • Sport Mod Configuration (Sport Mod Customization)


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