Hidden Features - Volkswagen Golf 8

On this page you will find a list of hidden feature activation / coding options / adaptations for Volkswagen Golf 8 produced in 2020 and later. Virtual cockpit, central electronics, headlight and lighting settings, multimedia system, etc.
Manufacturer: VOLKSWAGEN
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Opening of closed features for Volkswagen Golf 8 vehicles produced in 2020 and later. Processing time is 30 minutes. You need to make an appointment for the Golf 8 hidden feature unlocking process. If you come without an appointment, your waiting time may be a little long. You can make an appointment by texting or calling WhatsApp.


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  • Making the final speed of the ghost screen 320 km / h (There are also 280 and 300 options.)
  • G-Force indicator on ghost dial
  • Dial gearbox temperature gauge
  • Laptimer (Lap timer)
  • Off-Road indicator on the dial
  • Torque meter (NM) to the dial
  • Power meter to the dial (kW)
  • Watching video in motion in vehicles with Discover Pro multimedia system (plays video via Type-C USB Flash Disk)
  • Golf R style dial layout (tachometer appears as a bar in the middle)
  • Adding a compass to the ghost dial on vehicles with navigation
  • Daytime running light on-off menu to multimedia vehicle settings
  • Additional fuel gauge on the dial (Indicates the empty fuel reserve in your tank)
  • GTI Logo on ghost dial (Life,Style and R-Line packages)
  • Adding 2 extra themes to the ghost screen on R-Line models


  • Locking the doors from the remote control while the engine is running
  • Door lock confirmation sound with horn
  • Rear parking lights come on during the daytime
  • Activating welcome and farewell lights on vehicles with Impression equipment level (Coming Home – Leaving Home)
  • Adding color options to the Dial and Multimedia system for vehicles with Impression equipment level (+250 TL)
  • TSC - Activation of torque compensation system (prevents steering wheel vibration during hard starts)
  • Full opening of the glass sunroof from the remote. In addition, this feature can be added to vehicles that do not have a sunroof open-close feature from the remote control.
  • Daytime running lights turn off when parking brake is applied
  • Daytime running light only on "Auto"
  • Fog lights come on when the flashlight is on
  • Seat belt cancellation
  • 3.Stop light on welcome and farewell lights
  • Soft on and off of interior ambient lights


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