Hidden Features - BMW X7 Series (G07)

On this page you will find a list of hidden feature coding / closed features / coding options / adaptations for the BMW X7 Series produced with body code G07 from 2018 onwards. iDrive settings, digital dial settings, driving modes
Manufacturer: BMW
₺1.000,00 excl tax



  1. Watching video while driving
  2. Video playback via USB memory
  3. Bowers & Wilkins sound presets (effective if you have a Harman Kardon sound system)
  4. Daytime running lights on-off options via iDrive
  5. iDrive M or Alpina boot animation
  6. In addition to the tire pressure indicator, the tire temperatures are also displayed.
  7. Activation of the “5 times” one-touch turn signal option in the exterior lighting settings in the iDrive system
  8. Deactivating the seat belt warning
  9. Changing the dial pattern (M, Alpina or M Sport 330 options)
  10. Conversion of sports gauge to advanced sports gauge (G-meter, power, torque, oil temperature, turbo pressure)


  1. Sport Plus driving mode
  2. Comfort Plus drive mode
  3. Setting the default driving mode
  4. Turning off the headlights when the headlight lever is in the "0" position
  5. Flashing of fogs when the headlight is on when the fog lights are on
  6. Changing the "Bronze" colors from the interior ambience colors with "Red" or any color you want
  7. Start-Stop system starts off at startup or remembers your last choice
  8. Flashing of brake lights when braking
  9. One-press closing of the electric trunk from the remote
  10. Faster gear changes with sport transmission coding, Launch Control and cutter in manual mode (Requires additional fee. +500₺ - Click HERE for detailed information  . )
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