Hidden Features - Volkswagen Golf 5

On this page you will find a list of hidden feature encoding / turning off features / coding options / adaptations for VW Golf 5.
Manufacturer: VOLKSWAGEN
₺749,00 excl tax

On this page you will find a list of hidden feature coding, unlocking of closed features, coding options and adaptations for Volkswagen Golf 5. The price of unlocking hidden features for VW Golf 5 is 350 TL. This price is valid for VW Golf 5 only. If your vehicle brand model is different, the price varies.


  • Cornering lights with fog lights (2008 and later)
  • Flashing of fogs when the flashlight is on (when the fogs are on)
  • Automatic closing of the windows when the door lock button is pressed and pulled from the key for 2 seconds
  • Automatically lifting the windows if it rains while the vehicle is parked(in vehicles with rain sensor)
  • Door lock confirmation sound (in vehicles with factory alarm)
  • Dipped headlights remain on during daytime
  • Automatically lock the doors when the vehicle speed exceeds 15 km/h
  • Turn on the hazard warning flashers in case of sudden brakes
  • Cancel the seat belt warning
  • Converting the Coming-Home feature to automatic (for vehicles with a light sensor)
  • American parks
  • Turning on the TSC system (Torque compensation system)
  • Radio digital speedometer (If tape supports)

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